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Malouf Anchor Weighted Blanket
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Malouf Down Alternative Microfiber Comforter
Starting At $99.99
Sale Price $79.99
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Malouf Down Blend Comforter
Starting At $224.99
Sale Price $179.99
Savings: $45.00

Comforters and Blankets

When choosing bedding accessories for the top of the bed, make sure to consider several things. The time of year and outside temperature can be very important, especially if you leave your window open or prefer fresh air at night. The size of your bed and the size of the item. For example, some people prefer to use a king size comforter on a queen size bed for the extra width and material. Do you prefer a fluffy feel, or something that is a bit heavier? Different types of comforters will offer a different weight and warmth level.

What size of comforter do I need?

Most options will specify size in both width and length. Typically it is best to have at least 12 inches of drop down material along the side and foot of the bed. This means that if your queen size mattress measures 60-inches wide by 80-inches long, that you should have a comforter that is at least 84-inches wide and 92-inches long. Many folks prefer even larger, for example 14 or 16 inches of drop down material, so that when each sleeper is moving around at night, the blanket or comforter won't get pulled too much towards one side. Then the covers battle begins, and getting too cold when the covers are pulled away can create quite a bone of contention between couples. This is best avoided by getting covers that are wide enough and long enough for both sleepers to move freely without disturbing each other.

What about odd size mattress covers?

Less common sizes such as Cal King, Split Cal King, Super Queen, Short Queen, often will use a size that is one size bigger to accommodate for the different dimensions. You may want to measure your bed size and thickness before you choose an option.

Does the baffle box size matter?

Baffle box size is the size of the squares that are stitched to keep the material from shifting throughout the comforter. The larger the baffle box, the more likely for the material to shift and become uneven. When this happens the blanket or comforter can get lumpy and not insulate as evenly. Most baffle box sizes range from 10-inch to 18-inch with the smaller the size the better. The stitching makes a big difference, especially for down comforters, because a really well stitched item will prevent the smaller down clusters from traveling between baffle box sections and prevent clumping. Look for good stitching and double stitched edges. Many options have a satin edge or a piping that creates a nice looking and nice feeling edge.

What is the best type of comforter?

Quality of fill material and the amount of fill will contribute to a warmer or cooler cover. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of fill material.

Are down comforters better?

Down comforters are very light weight and offer a great fluffy feel and often last much longer than synthetic alternatives. Made from the down material, which is the smaller clusters underneath the birds feathers, down offers a lot of insulating benefits with very little weight. The type of down and the amount of down makes a big difference in how warm it is. Larger birds such as geese provide larger down clusters which require less material for an equal amount of warmth. Smaller birds such as ducks provide smaller clusters and more is needed to achieve the same amount of warmth. In order to be considered a down comforter, there must be at least 55% down to feathers. Feathers have quills and can poke out of the outside shell if the thread count is not high enough. It is recommended to get a material with at least a 300 thread count cover. The amount of fill power, which is how down comforters are measured, ranges from 450 to 850 fill power. 600 or better is considered good, and above 750 is considered great. So for example, if you purchase a 650 fill power goose down comforter with 14-inch baffle box stitching and a large enough size for your bed, you will be getting a high quality option.

What is a down alternative comforter?

A down alternative comforter is usually made from a polyester material or some other synthetic material. It is designed to provide a comfortable cover for insulation, however it is made from a material other than down. Usually down alternative comforters don't last nearly as long, because the synthetic fibers will stick together and can not be re-fluffed over and over like down can. One the synthetic fibers get compressed, there is very little that can be done to enhance the feel.

What about down allergies?

Some people have allergies to animals, including birds. Usually the allergy is directly related to the impurities left in the down material due to insufficient washing. Down can actually be hypoallergenic when washed and dried properly. Look for a description of hypoallergenic and you'll know that it meets that standard. Buying a quality option with a high thread count cover can provide protection from the fill material. Also, using a duvet cover over the comforter can also minimize the material becoming airborne which will alleviate the effects of allergic reactions. Very few people have down allergies, but for some who do it may be better to stick with an alternative option.

How do I know if I have a down allergy?

Usually symptoms of a down allergy are stuffy nose, congestion, and irritation of the eyes. On rare occasions there can be skin irritation. Although uncommon, if you experience symptoms of a down allergy, you can insulate your bedding using duvet covers, pillow protectors, and mattress protectors. Down offers a very luxurious feel and comfort, and you could enjoy that while prevent allergies in the bedroom using the right bedding accessories.

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